Ballymoney Old Graveyard

I grew up just outside Ballymoney and from an early age was always interested in family history. I kept notes of some of my conversations with my great aunts. My ancestors are buried in the Old Churchyard in Ballymoney and I have spent many hours reading the graves. When I got as far as I could with my own family tree I started helping others with theirs as I had accumulated a considerable amount of information on the families around Ballymoney. A few years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to publish my research and try to help other people looking for their Ballymoney ancestors.

Researching family history in Ballymoney

The Old Churchyard is cared for by Ballymoney Borough Council. Among their records is a map and headstone listing which has been of great benefit to my work. For consistency, I have adapted this map for the purposes of this book. Irish records tend to be poor due to the loss of so many in Dublin at the time of the troubles in the twenties. However, we are lucky in the Ballymoney area as some of the church records go back to the 1700s. In addition, we have the 1901 census, an 1803 agricultural census, 1825 Tithe Applotment records, 1859 Griffith valuation and street directories of 1824, 1846, 1856, 1864, 1905, and 1952. All these archive documents give valuable information for researchers.

Church Records
1st Ballymoney Presbyterian Church has part of an old Baptismal register from the mid 18th century. The records of this church were held in the house of Hugh Orr and the majority of them were destroyed in a fire. Rev. Robert Park kept very accurate records of baptisms and marriages of this church during the time of his ministry. He also carried out a census of his Congregation at the start of his ministry in 1817. It lists all the families with their children in order of birth, and where they lived.

The records of St. Patrick’s Parish Church are relatively complete and go back to the early 19th century. They include a book which list both the Presbyterian and Established Church (or
Church of Ireland) burials from 1807 – 1825 in the Old Churchyard. From 1825 to present day, the Presbyterian burials are no longer noted. Baptisms and marriages are recorded also from 1807.
There is also a census of the congregation taken in 1871.

St. James Presbyterian Church has baptismal and marriage records from 1835 with a census of the congregation in 1837. Unfortunately early records from Trinity Presbyterian Church are missing with only marriages from 1845 and baptisms from 1869. A fortunate discovery was records from the Unitarian Church in Ballymoney. This church no longer exists. As well as baptisms and marriages, there are several censuses of this small congregation and notes of members deaths and emigration.

George Millars’s list
George Millar, who was born in Ballymoney in 1797, and lived there until 1837 when he moved to Belfast, compiled a list from memory in 1871 of the inhabitants of Ballymoney between 1804 and 1811. This is referred to Millar’s list throughout the book.

The Graves
It is interesting that not all the graves in the Old Churchyard belong to people who lived in Ballymoney. There are Hunter and Moore families from Dunluce, with more of these Moore families also found in Kilraughts Old Graveyard. McKighan is another Kilraughts family. There is a Craig from Islandbuoy which is closer to Ballycastle, with no known links in the town.

There are over four hundred graves in the churchyard, many of them completely illegible and some partly readable. I have used different approaches and techniques to try and transcribe them. Many of the gravestones have been vandalised in the last few years. A 1960s survey of the Old Churchyard is included in the McClay collection, which is held in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

The survey has been very useful although parts of it are missing. I have used church records to try and piece together a small history of each family as reading a list of inscriptions doesn’t really tell much about the families, their lives and occupations.

Some of the graves have only a name and no other details. This seems to be a trend of the trades families in the town. Not all graves were of wealthy people. It seems that some of these have been erected by their children who have emigrated and achieved success in their new lives overseas.

There was an attempt to close the graveyard for any further burials in 1938, but this created some dispute and the last known burial was in 1975.

Sources used for local research
1660: Hearth Money Rolls
1740: Protestant Householders’ Returns
1766: Religious Census
1803: Agricultural Census
1804-1810: Millers list
1825: Tithe Applotments
1859: Griffith Valuation
1882- 1932: Old Graveyard Internment Register
1901: Census
Street Directories


  1. Can’t wait!
    Looking forward to meeting Dorothy on Saturday.

  2. Dorothy, I think you should put up a sample page from the book to give readers of your website a flavour of the contents.

  3. Congratulations Dorothy and a picture of you to boot. I should reciprocate to see if there is any family resemblance through the generations. Did I tell you I found living McKinney relatives in the States? How do we get a copy of the book?

  4. Very meticulous and informative,Dorothy.No more than I would have expected from you! Good luck with the book.

  5. I couldn’t resist saying congrats.
    Best of luck from Sue in Canberra

  6. Today I recieved my book from Dorothy the Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard and what a fantastic book it is, well worth every penny.
    So much research has gone into this book I am amazed at the price.
    Well done Dorothy

  7. Dorothy,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found two of my ancestors in your book (Murphy and Dunlop), and clues to possible other relations. Do accept my congratulations and many thanks for your obvious hard work. If you have designs on doing one for Finvoy, I’ll be first in line 🙂


  8. I notice that you have only one Swan listing. Is there further information available on the family if I purchase the book? Thanks also for your taking up this kind of work. It is so valuable!

  9. I have ordered a copy of your book; you mention marriage records starting in 1807 for Ballymore; are they included in your book?
    I am looking for marriage of William Gamble and Ellen Brown ca 1829

  10. Hi William,
    I couldn’t find a marriage of William Gamble and Ellen Brown. Can you give me any more information about the families. I am happy to try and help with some queries.
    There were a lot of Gamble and Brown families around Ballymoney which I have information about.

  11. Great stuff is my favorite site.

  12. Have just discovered your site. Too late for me to buy book as I will be in Ballymoney on either 7th, 8th or 9th April. Interested in Moore, Hanna, Glenn, Knox and Henry families. Note with much interest that Moore and Glen have grave 109. Can you contact this week please? Would love to purchase your book when in Ballymoney. Do you take visitors on tours of the area? Would possibly like to hire you for a day if possible? Leaving Australia on Sunday 4th April.

  13. I’ve literally, just stumbled across this website by googling ‘Mullans, Ballymoney’ as I’ve only recently, finally, discovered a bit more information about my late Dad’s Antrim heritage. My g.g.grandfather was Alexander Reid b.abt.1829 Belfast who married Margaret McCaughan b.abt.1831 Belfast. They married in 1849 @ Registrars Office, Ballymoney dist and both gave their address as Mullans.

    From the marriage document I’ve also learned that my g.g.g.grandparents were Patrick Reid b.c.1804, a Cooper and Andrew McCaughan b.c. 1805 a Soap Boiler.

    I’m very much interested in finding more about them and am glad I found this website. I notice, though, that the books covering the Graveyard is out of stock. Can anybody tell me, please when it will be back in stock and the cost. Kind regards, Maureen, born, Liverpool but living in Norfolk, England.

  14. Hi, The books are definitely not out of stock.You can contact me directly on Dorothy

  15. Hi Dorothy,
    Sorry the weather has disrupted your recent travel plans. I’m getting in touch to ask about several 18th century ancestors based on just now seeing your note above of March 2, 2010, which mentions you have information about Browns and Gambles. 1) From the Descendants of Robert Nevin you sent me several years ago, anything to further identify/connect Jinnat Brown (1939-01/Sep/1811) (wife of John Nevin, 1840-31/Jan/1814) and her father Samuel Brown (no dates)? 2) From Lisnabragh leases of 1763 (McAuley-Nevin) and 1786 (Nevin-Nevin), anything to further identify Memorial witnesses Peter Gamble, gentleman (died prior to July 20, 1786), and William Gamble of Dervock, Innkeeper (alive on July 20, 1786)?
    Best regards, Hugh

  16. Hi Hugh,
    I haven’t found anything new on the Nevin family. However, I have started research for my next book on Derrykeighan Old Churchyard where Nevins and Gambles are buried. I will have to wait to April to get into PRONI to source the local records. I will certainly keep you informed if I find anything.

  17. Hi Dorothy, well would you believe that i’m called Dorothy Budu-Arthur? yea i just goggled my name and i came across yours, and the impact you’ve made by the book you’ve written. i just read the introduction and what really fascinated me was how you kept record of family history through conversations when growing up. i guess it’s true that we need not undermine small beginnings. Did you ever have it in mind to come up with this book when growing up? Though i’ve not gotten the chance to read your book, you’ve made me understand that things we discover in our youthful ages can really take us far in the future, and also it’s good to keep record of events. THANKS A LOT!

  18. I’m trying to buy the new book, but due to the ‘grave’ limitations of google checkout I can’t do so with my Northern Bank Maestro card as it doesn’t support it. Which isn’t good. Is there any other way I can pay for this, was looking forward to the free search mentioned in the times if bought online 😦

  19. p.s. can post you a cheque if that’s ok?

  20. Searching for my g-g-g-g grandparents. My g-g-g grandfather was David Stirling who came to the United States from Ireland about 1790-1799. He married a “Martha” and they were Presbyterian. That is all we know. He was born about 1761 and Martha was born about 1774. I see most records start in the 1800’s in Ireland. Is there any mention of a “Stirling” family in the mid-1700’s that had a son named David or where do I begin to research.

  21. Hi Bonnie,
    There are quite a few Stirling or Sterling families in the Ballymoney area and quite a few Davids. I would have to do a bit of “digging ” to try and find out if there is any connection. Can you email me at with any data you may have no matter how insignificant.

  22. Did you have any luck with finding graves for members of the Henry family?

    Very interested.

  23. Hi Kay, You will have to be more specific as there as many Henry families in the area. Email me at with your query and I will try and help.

  24. I am also researching the Sterling line. My Ancestor is Hugh Sterling born March 1785 and his father born before that in Ballymoney. I will send you some info to the above email.

    Any help you cn give will be greatly appreciated.

    John Sterling

  25. Hello Dorothy
    I have a birthday coming up and wondered if either of your books would be useful to me. I am looking for information about my father’s family. My Dad James Taggart was born in 1916 and came to North Yorkshire, UK.
    I have found my grandparents James George Taggart (farm labourer)(Roman catholic) who married Susannah Simpson (shon in 1901 census as church of Ireland)in 1903 and were in the 1911 census as living in The Vow with their 5 children.

    Discrepencies between the census and marraige details show that James George was born either 1872 or 1877. Susannah was born 1878.

    My paternal Gt Grandfathers name was George Taggart. My grandmothers father was John Simpson (farmer) her mother may be Elizabeth (domestic servant)
    My father’s siblings that I am aware of are Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Susan Matilda, Kate and half brother Thomas Stevenson Taggart.

    I have also heard that there is a Taggart’s yard in ballymoney and am interested in the origin and possible connection.

    Are there any links between my family and the taggarts in your book/s?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  26. I can’t find a link with your Taggarts to the families in my books. I can’t find a marriage of George Taggart senior so he may have come from outside the Ballymoney area.

  27. Can you tell me whether persons who lived in the townland of Drumreagh might be buried in the Ballymoney Parish churchyard? I found the two relevant surnames in the name index, but of course not first names. I’m especially looking for Stewart Lynn and Thomas Scott, both of whom are last known to be living in 1861 in Drumreagh, Ballymoney Parish. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give.

  28. Hi Loretta,
    can you give me some details as I have quite a few Thomas Scotts in my database. Could your Lynn also have been spelt Linn. If so I have details on a Linn family who attended st. Parick’s.
    Email me directly

  29. Dorothy, I just saw this posting and wondered if you would send my email address on to her (Loretta Lynn). The Thomas Scott in Drumreagh that she mentioned is from my Scott family, and I have just located his greatgrandson. I would love to find out how she is related to this family and share info.
    Hope you and Kathleen have a profitable and fun time researching Kilraught’s this week. I look forward to seeing your new book, you ladies are fantastic!

    Mary Post

  30. Hello,

    I am new to this site and my interest is Townsends and Atkinson of Burnquarter and Garryduff.

    Would appreciate help on this research.

  31. HI Dorothy, I’m trying to find my ancestors and wonder whether you could tell me of the four BIGGART graves you have listed in your book. My Gggfather WILLIAM BIGGART hailed from Ireland ( somewhere ) and married in Glasgow in March 1841. He was about 20, so too was his wife, MARY-ANN BRADSHAW, who also was born in Ireland. Whether they emigrated together I know not but they remained in Scotland all their lives. However, It is possible that William’s parents were ROBERT & HELEN (ELLEN) BIGGART. If either of these names register with you I would be most interested. Thanks for your time. Malcolm

  32. Hi Malcolm,
    I have a lot of William and Robert Biggarts in my database but none seem to match with yours.

  33. Hello Dorothy,

    One of my ancestors, William Simpson, who married Martha Orr, was born in Ballymoney in 1752. He and his family immigrated to North Carolina prior to the American Revolution. I wonder if there are Orr and/or Simpson graves in the Ballymoney Graveyard. Perhaps they’re in your book, which I plan to buy today!

    Thank you,
    Michelle Johnson

  34. There are several old Orr graves in the Churchyard. There are no Simpson graves but they are married into many of the families in the churchyard.

  35. Hi Dorothy. I found your website while searching for my family members. I’m interested in any Biggart family information that you have. my website is: if you have a couple of minutes please take a look. Thanks for your time. Cheryl (Biggart) Steffler

  36. Hi dorothy, i have tried to purchase the ballymoney old graveyard book but am having no luck. Can payment be made using a visa electron card? I am interested in the keers family who married into the mccandless and McIlreavy family etc, and wonder if you have information on the Keers? Also A robert Lithgow Keers the son of william keers. Thankyou x

  37. Payment should be easy – if you are asked if it is a trusted site – say yes and proceed. Let me know if you are still having problems.

  38. Hello and Good Evening,

    I am descended from William Simpson and Martha Orr who evidently came from Balleymoney Ireland to Mecklenburg County, NC. I am interested in contacting living relatives in Ireland and possibly corresponding with them. I am also interested in purchasing on of Dorothy’s Books. Are they still available? If so, how to I contact her to purchase.

    Best Regards,
    Kat Jordan

  39. Dear Dorothy
    I am looking for my great grandfather John Dunlop in the Ballymoney area. We think he may be buried in The Vow Presbyterian churchyard? He and his first wife Sarah came from Scotland in the 1870’s with their six children, but she died at age 34 and John married again, which caused a rift in the family and my grandfather James emigrated to USA and as far as we know never spoke to his father again. There is no trace of John or his sons and daughters on either the 1901 or 1911 censuses. Do you have anyone who fits the description in your books? Is there a separate Presbyterian Church in The Vow?

  40. Hi Valerie,
    Email me on as I have a lot of info on Dunlop families in the Ballymoney area. Let me know what you do know and I will see if I can find more.

  41. Hi Dorothy, I am seeking information on the Biggart family from Beith. My GGrandfather Thomas Biggart emigrated to Melbourne Australia from Beith. I can trace back to my gggg grandfather David Biggart 1750 who married Margaret Speir. Perhaps you or someone might have information on them?

  42. Dorothy: Just a note on the person interested in the Taggarts of Ballymoney.
    This is one who immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1847:
    TAGGART, Daniel; Ballymoney
    on the following list…………….JOHN CLARKE 1847 Ireland to St.John
    These Irish passenger lists and more can be found in D.2892/1/1-14 Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents. Sailings from Londonderry to Philadelphia, Quebec, St. John New Brunswick and Louisiana 1847 to 1871 (see also MIC.13) in the PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE of NORTHERN IRELAND
    I am interested in the McAlonan families of Ballymoney. Do u have many listed in your book??

  43. Hi Dorothy: We had many McAlonan males immigrated in the mid 1800s. My direct ancestor is Daniel McAlonan (spelled McAloran) on the immigration List. McALORAN, Daniel; Ballymoney
    Alexander; 12
    Robert; 8
    Sarah; 7
    John; 5
    Archy; 2
    He immigrated on the same list as above in 1847. There were others, probably brothers, but not on the same list: John, James, William, Alexander, Archibald. Wondering if you have any info on their families of Ballymoney.
    They all resided in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  44. hi was given your name by Eringobragh1916 advising me to contact you wealth of knowledge of so many Norht Antrim families. I went to school with her spends most of her time in genealogy. She has hundreds and hundreds of North Antrim families all amazingly linked on her computer and was able to give me information on hundreds of my relatives!! I know for a fact as part of that she has taken photographs of ALL the headstones in Ramoan Pres church. I could guarantee she has information on your relatives! She does do individual reports so email her and tell her i sent you”
    my family are conners and mackay or maccay from toberbilly in parish or ramoan

  45. Hi, do you have anything on Hugh Stevenson, his wife Mary Stevenson Ballymoney, Ireland. My line goes from their daughter Martha Stevenson b abt 1828, she married William John Mcintyre on 20 nov 1849 Ballymoney.

  46. I have been researching my family of Adams and Workman of Ballymoney, but I am stuck and cannot get any further, I wonder if you can help. My G Grandfather was John Adams b;1843, Profession:Labourer. His father John Adams was also a Labourer: I cannot get any information on him. My G Grandfather first married Ester Irwin in Ballymoney COI, she died and then he married Sarah Workman again at Ballymoney COI. I am decended from the marriage with Sarah Workman. Sarah was born in Ballymony 1866, her father was a William Workman, a Weaver: again I cannot find any information on William. I have lots of addresses of my G Granfather John Adams in Ballymoney town. any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

  47. My G.G.grandfather Denis married Ann Kelly in R.C. church in Ballymoney,Co,. Antrim in 1939 before moving to Glasgow,Scotland in 1840. Unable to proceed any further.Denis,s father was James, Ann,s father was Patrick.

  48. Sorry the year of their marriage was 1839 not 1939. John

  49. Just rec’d your book Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard. It was very satisfying seeing the pictures of my Love Ancestors headstones. Where would I find burial records for Loves that resided in Craigatempim prior to 1770?

    Thank you
    Marion Love
    5th ggdaughter of Robert Love, Taghey, Ballymoney.

  50. Did you know that ‘wow’ was first recorded in Scots as a ‘natural exclamation’ in the early 16th century, according to my OED? So it’s a not inappropriate reaction to your book, which has just arrived.

    I had to post this message just to say how impressive it is — miles ahead of so much that passes for ‘genealogical’ resources these days. It’s the sheer person-hours I can see behind it that immediately impress. What a labour! And so worth the effort.

    I’m not usually the sort of person who pores over lists of names and dates of the kind that pepper the ancestry forums — but ‘Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard’, by assembling such a detailed historical snapshot of a community, has definitely succeeded in transcending pure genealogy, becoming in its accumulation of personal detail a repository of a whole community’s existence. And excellent photographs as well!

    df (New Zealand)

  51. Looking for information on the McArthur (M’Arthur) and Lilley families, have one daughter as Jane. Your Ballymoney graveyard book is wonderful, looked at it when I was in Salt Lake City last year.

  52. Dorothy, I hope to find your book when I visit Ballymoney in May. Is it availaqble at the Ballymoney History Museum? I am first generation American, both parents came from the Ballymoney area Have visited many times. Anna Irot

  53. Just discovered your great site…interested Archibald Graham wed Ann Henry Ballymoney 1844..havent got a ” plastic card” to pay you ( I am OLD !!!) but can send cheque if you advise cost of any cost advice available.
    annie fraser Peterborough Vic Australia

  54. To Kat Brooks Jordan: I am also descended from William Simpson and Martha Orr. My grandmother was Kate Mae Simpson from Matthews, NC. I assume they were Scots-Irish, given that they were Presbyterian. I also would love to get more information on our relatives in Ireland and hear their stories. If you have more information on their (our) history, I would love to hear more. If you’re interested in contacting me, my e-mail address is:

  55. Hi Dorothy, does your book cover the Moore’s of Kilraughts and Dunluce? I would like to get a copy. John Moore

  56. My name is David Hair. My gg grand father wasThomas Cochrane from mavemuculline his wife was Rachel Ellis. Therir daughter was born 1825 her name was beth, she had a sister Agnes born 1828. Then they left to arshyre scottland. Thomas fathers name was Samuel and his wife was Elizabeth they show up in Ballymoney with a son born in 1808… can you help with any of these names? I will be glad to pay for a book or any help. Thank you…

  57. Samuel and Elizabeth’s son name was John Cochrane born in1808

  58. Hello David, my grandfather was George Cochrane, his father Robert Cochrane. Lived in Portrush George was born about 1900 cir . There was connections with Scotland but that is all I know.

  59. Hello Keira Berryman. My family has a connection with Macintye through marriage during 1930’s cir.

  60. Hi David, There are two Cochrane graves in Ballymoney Old Churchyard, a couple more in St. Patrick’s Parish Churchyard and a lot in Derrykeighan Old Churchyard. I will get back to you in a couple of days and let you know if I find any more about your family. Dorothy

  61. Thank you so much.. for even replying. It means allot..

    David Hair

    Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 20:06:35 +0000 To:

  62. Hello David. It could be a possible side that my gg grandfather could be the son of your John Cochrane born 1808. It just is a possibility. I do not have any papers but my mother thinks that Scotland has a part in the family.

  63. Dorothy, I have just purchased your book on the Ballymoney Old Churchyard. I am so excited and can’t wait to receive it. I had written before and you had informed me that there were members of the Love Family buried in this old cemetery. What I would like to know is there also members of the Love Family buried in the St. Patrick’s churchyard and if it would be beneficial to also purchase that book?

    Thanking you in advance,
    Judy Love

  64. Hi Dorothy, John Moore here. Your new book is out I presume does it cover my family or is this in an up coming edition . Regards

  65. Hi Dorothy, I am researching the McAuley family, of Ballymoney, Thomas McAuley was my great grandfather and a capenter ,small farmer in the area, he was married to Ellen madden, both were born around 1832. Are there any of this family in your book. I live in England.
    Many Thanks anne clark

  66. Hi Dorothy I am researching The Richmond family in Ballymoney my dad was born there I know my grandparents had a sheep farm John & Margaret (Thompson) Richmond I am trying to find out more about them I am sure they are buried in Ballymoney I have a Aunty in Ballymoney when I write to her for answers I think she forgets what questions I have asked her by the time she replies back so I am wondering if there is any books with information on RICHMOND family I live in Australia I would be grateful on any information Michelle Truscott thank you

  67. Yes – I can help me you. Email me at with your query. I have quite a bit on Richmond and Thompson families in the area. Dorothy

  68. Hi Anne, I have been having a few problems with my computer but this is just to let you know that I can help. I can also put you into touch with another McAuley researcher. email me at

  69. Hi John,
    I am busy working on my book on Old Kilraughts and there are lots and lots of Moores in it. The book is due out at the end of September to coincide with the Route back Home genealogy conference. I will be in touch soon.

  70. Hi Dorothy I have attempted to contact you a few times with the email I finally found a bit more information when & where my G parents John & Margaret (Thompson ) Richmond were married

  71. They were married in Ballyweaney in 1920. I will email with further info. Dorothy

  72. Hi Dorothy, I am researching the Hamilton/Given/Givin/Simpson families
    in the Ballymoney area.
    James Hamilton married Matilda Given/Givin on 22 April 1905 at the 1st
    Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney. and James Hamilton (his father) married Sarah Jane Simpson on 24 September 1868 both aged 23.
    Bride’s Father was William Simpson, Brides Mother could be an
    Isabella/Julia or Margaret. Do not know which church is involved or
    even any addresses of where these families came from.
    All appear to be Presbyterians if it helps.
    Thank you in advance.

  73. Hi James, I haven’t been able to find out much more where these families came from. I checked some of the local churches and all I found was a baptism of a son to James and Matilda in 1st Ballymoney. Dorothy

  74. Thanks Dorothy, I think the baptism was for their first son James.

  75. Hello Dorothy. I am researching my Meeke family line and I am just trying to figure out which of your books to start with? My gggrandfather William Meeke was born in Coleraine in 1863 but died in Ballymoney (Church Lane) on May 8, 1929. I believe his wife Susan would be buried with him. She was born abt. 1859 and died 1931. Is the Meeke name familiar to you at all? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, when I click to purchase your books, it takes me to Amazon. Is this correct? Thanks so much.

    Debbie Blake

  76. I found my great-grandparents in your book on the Ballymoney old churchyard. It is Grave no. 379. I noticed that you had the birth years of all of the children of James and Mary Clements except their daughter Mary Clements who married James McCaughern. I have found a marriage record for Mary Clements of Ballymoney to James McCahon but she would have been born in 1859 – the same year as Annie. Do you know if they were twins? Your help is very much appreciated and thank you for compiling these records.

    Shirley Fehr

  77. Mary wasn’t baptised in Ballymoney so unless her baptism is recorded in a church – her age has to be guessed. Dorothy

  78. Simon and others
    I am looking for someone to help me research George Dunlop b c 1700 owned the ship Wiiliam and George sailed out of Larne. Allied families MAXWELL CUNNINGHAM MONTGOMERY
    Don Maxwell

  79. I am looking for my grandfathers birth( late 1800’s) His name is William Brown his father was a Brown who was a station master in Ballymoney in the late 1800’s or early 1900????? who was shot to death at work. I am purchasing your book to hopefully find out more. His widow left after his death to Canada. Any help would be appreciated ThanksVal

  80. Do you know anything else on your Brown family as what you have given isn’t enough to do a search for you. Dorothy

  81. Sorry I do not have much more. His mom was Margaret Murray and his 4 siblings Jim, Margaret , Susan, Don. After his fathers death his mother and siblings all came to Canada around 1908 to Marwayne, Alberta, Thanks for any assistance

  82. I think I may have found some information for you. Please email me Dorothy

  83. Hi Dorothy, Thank you for helping others connect with their ancestors. It is a great gift.
    My third great grandfather, William Cunningham was born in Tyrone about 1772 and died in Ballymoney in 1866. His wife was Frances Noble born 1772 in Tyrone and died in 1863. We are coming to Ballymoney from Northern Idaho, USA, in Sept. I am hoping to find more information about him and hopefully his grave. I also have two other third great grandfathers from Northern Ireland. John Peacock born 1805 in Meath, & died in Ontario, Can. in 1805. His wife was Mary Peacock, born 1776 in Meath. The other third great grandparents were Mathew Orr McKee 1812-1888 and Ann Wilson 1825-1891.

    I am hoping to buy your book when we arrive. Thank you for any help or sources that you may know of. I have been searching for a very long time to make these connections.

    Respectfully, Wilma

  84. Greetings,

    My ancestor, John Wallace 1695-1777 might have been born in Ballymoney. Do you have any Wallace’s buried there.


    Michael Wallace

  85. There were a lot of Wallace families in the Ballymoney area, especially Kilraughts. What do you know about your ancestor. Records are very poor for the 17th and eighteenth centuries in N. Antrim. Dorothy

  86. Good Morning Dorothy,
    I am amazed at the number of queries that you take the time to answer. You must be very busy. Now I will add to the queries..Robert Mc Collum married Letitia Money[Mooney] in 1850 in Ballymoney, RC Church. Robert died 17.1.1894 and Letty died 9.9.1889 in Ballymoney but they had converted to the Church of England by this time, so it is possible they were buried there. Also, where would I find their birth details, please. They lived in Castle St, Ballymoney.
    Thank you so much in anticipation,

  87. Hi Anne, I have checked the records for St. Patrick’s C of I Church in Ballymoney and there are no burials there for them. Unfortunately if you want me to do further research I have to charge a small fee. You can email me at

  88. Hi Dorothy I did try to reply back to you a couple of times last year but never heard back plus I had been in hospital 2 times from October last year I am still interested in finding out about my RICHMOND families in Ballymoney how much for information do you charge & how do I pay from Australia
    Thank you

  89. I will email you separately with details on payment. I hadn’t heard from you for ages. Dorothy

  90. Hi Dorothy, I am researching a branch of the McCurdy’s and family stories infer that came from the Ballymoney area. So far I have found reference to a John McCurdy born in Ederoan, near Moss Side and family connections in Drumcrottagh, Croagh, Gracehill and Carnkirn. They were Presbyterians. Does any of your research cover this area or do you think I should really be looking more towards Ballcastle? If your books cover any of the McCurdy’s I would be happy to buy them. Thanks. John McCurdy

  91. Hi Dorothy,

    I am Michael Wallace who contacted you in October. Thank you for your reply. My ancestor John Wallace was born in Coleraine, County Antrim, Ireland. And left in1719/20 after Rev. James McGregor, the head of the congregation at Aghadowey, Ireland and that a portion of the congregation left for New Hampshire in 1718 and 1719. John’s brother Thomas Wallace given a letter of character by Robert Higginbotham.

    The bearer hereof, Thomas Wallace, has lived in this congregation, from his infancy to the date hereof, and has always behaved soberly and honetly, and is now free from all public scandal known to this session, is certified by
    Robert Higginbotham
    Coleraine, May 9, 1726.

    I realize information at this time is scarce but I hope this will he[p someone.


  92. To John McCurdy
    I have extensive data on many McCurdy families in N. Antrim. Email me at so I can try and help you.

  93. Hitting s huge brick wall trying to find out more of my Taggart ancestors who lived in Donegore. Co Antrim. Have a lot more information I could send if you have time to write me so that I can invite you to see my data.
    Am a senior now and just can’t get anyone to hell me and time us running out. Valerie. Canada.
    Hope to hear from you

  94. Unfortunately most of my research is in North Antrim and doesn’t extend to Donegore. I have extensive research done on various Taggart families around Ballymoney, Ballycastle and Bushmills area. You can contact me at
    Where did you Taggarts come from? Dorothy

  95. Dorothy, I have order all of your books and have enjoyed them very much. I am researching the Love Family. There are three graves of Love’s buried in the Kilraughts Old Church Graveyard. I am interested in finding out more about this family. Adam & his brother Gabriel Love immigrated to the New England Colonies in or around 1730. Adam’s birthdate is around 1702 in Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland. He is our ancestor. His father, John was born in 1645 in Ballymoney County, Antrim, Ireland. He died Dec. 4, 1729. John’s father, Adam’s Grandfather, Robert died August 3, 1722. I believe that Adam married Mary ? about 1727 and she probably delivered their first child, Elizabeth, in Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland. What would you charge to do some further research? I would like to know Robert’s birthday. Also, a last name for Mary, Adam’s wife. It is possible that she may have been from the Stewart or Moore family, but this is just speculation on my part. I would be interested if Adam & Gabriel had siblings. Really, just any information that you could find would be well appreciated. I believe that Robert Love or his father may have been a protestant minister. Thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

    Judy Love

  96. I would love to know more about the family my Great Great Grandfather, Constantine Dougherty left behind. He settled in Horsham, Victoria Australia and became one of its most important pioneers.
    Loretta Edmonston (nee Dougherty)

  97. Before I can try and assist you, I need to know dates, places etc. Was your ancestor from the N. Antrim area. I have not come across the name. My charges for research are on my web site. Dorothy

  98. Dorothy, just a thank you for all you do to help people find their ancestors.I emailed you several years ago, and all I can say is “Bless you”, and I hope you are having a good day health wise.

  99. Dorothy I am wondering if you can help me I am tracing my husbands family.I believe his maternal great grandparents are Jane Usher born 1851 in Antrim and James Morrison born 1847 in Donegal .They married in 1872 in Ballymoney I dont know which church or their parents names .Any info would be very helpfulThank you for your time Anne Eales

  100. Email me at
    I have information on James and Jane’s parents. Dorothy

  101. Hi Dorothy, I am trying to track down the parents of our ancestor, John Knox, of Greenville, Ballymoney, He had a plantation in Jamaica also. He was born around 1799. We believe he had children with a “free woman of colour” in Jamaica and then married Eliza Park, daughter of John Park (they were married by Rev Robert Park on Nov 3 1838. I am guessing that he wound up his affairs in Jamaica then while his wife maybe lived in Belfast – then they sailed on the Tancred to Adelaide, South Australia, arriving in January 1853, together with his 2 coloured sons and his daughter Eliza’s husband, James Stuart Loughhead & their two children. Any information would be appreciated thanks.

  102. PS Reverend Robert Loughhead of Presbyterian Church Ballymoney was James Stuart Loughhead’s father.Thanks

  103. Email me at as I might be able to help.

  104. Hi, My name is Debbie O’Bryan Burow. My Grandparents, George O’Bryan /O’Brien & Mary Ann Mitchell are from Dervock and Ballymoney. My G Great Grand Parents also come from their. I’m trying to find out More on my Family’s . How would I be able to buy this book. Sarah Ann Daly & Thomas O’Brien have many Family members and I would like to connect to All I can.And Learn where my Grandparents came from. Than-You Cheer’s Debbie

  105. Sorry – your family gravestones are notin my books but I do know a bit about your family. Email at

  106. Hi Dorothy,
    My name is Mark Smith from Canberra, Australia. My wife’s g-g-grandfather, Joseph Connor b.1841, was one of seven children born in Ballymoney to Charles Connor and Ellen Wilson. I think that Charles Connor was born about 1798 and died in Ballymoney in 1878. Does you book make any reference to the Connor family?
    Kind regards,

  107. I have checked my records and have found baptisms in St. Patrick’s C of I Church. There are 2 Connor graves in the churchyard but they are more modern. Email me at

  108. Hi Dorothy I live in New Zealand and am descended from the Coopers of Lower Kilmoyle. My 3 X great grandparents were William Cooper and Jane Preston. And with the wonders of Ancestry DNA I have just been matched with the US based 3X great grandson of William’s brother Thomas who was married to Mary Greer. Does your book have any references to my Coopers and their descendants through the years? There were an awful lot of them!
    Regards from way down under – Phillippa Kidd

  109. Hi Phillipa, I have done a lot of research into the Coopers of Kilmoyle. Can you email me at dorothy@ballymoneygraveyard with dates of what you know. Who were William’s parents and siblings? Dorothy

  110. Dear Dorothy
    I was fascinated to find this website. My late mother was originally from Ballymoney and my aunts and grandparents are all buried in the churchyards. How can I get hold of a copy of your book?


  111. Wow My heritage is from their also, could we find more information. And how can I do that.

  112. Hi Anne, What are the names you are looking for. If you email me at dorothy@ballymoneygraveyard I can see if any of my books are relevant and send you a price list. You can buy directly from me using paypal.

  113. Hi David, What is the family name that you are looking for. If my books aren’t relevant, I do research for a very modest price. I have a huge database of N. Antrim families.

  114. Hi Dorothy,
    I wish to purchase your Ballymoney Old Graveyards book. However, can it be shipped to the U.S.?

  115. Yes it can be posted to the US. It can be purchased either directly through me using PAYPAL or Amazon which is more expensive due to their commission.
    Email me at

  116. Hi Dorothy

    I’m looking to find out more about family line in Antrim.
    My Great Grandfather John Kinlay was born in Ballymoney in 1878, he moved to Scotland at some point and was married in Haddington 1898.

    Hoping that you can help.


    John Kinlay

  117. Can you email at with any other information that you may have so that I can check if I can help. Dorothy

  118. Hi Dorothy

    Thanks for getting back to me. I believe my Great Grandfather John Kinlay born 1876 came from Ballymoney…need it confirmed. Research( don’t know who did it) previously done 10 years back indicated that he probably came over to Scotland(Edinburgh) before he was twenty years old…more than likely from Ireland and probably from Ballymoney. His occupation was a Skinner -Journeyman

    MyGreat Grandfathers(John) parents followed him to Scotland(Francis born about 1842 and Mary Kinlay nee Marrs born about 1839, …..both died in Haddington…Francis March 10th 1905 and Mary March 3rd 1908 both assumed to be from the Ballymoney area) seemingly on their death certificates it states that Francis parents were John Kinlay and Mary Smith, while Mary’s parents were Jeremiah Marrs and Catherine Cassidy presumably all from Ireland.

    My great grandfather John was married in Haddington on 14th May 1898 to Margaret M’Kay who was born in Haddington, her parents came from Ireland(parents William and Margaret M’Kay (nee Degnan) both born in Ireland about 1853/4).

    Great grand parents John and Margaret moved to Glasgow at some point. John died age 56 on 21st Sept 1932 in Duke St Hospital(where I was born) and Margaret died 23rd Sept 1946.

    My Grandfather,also John was born in Haddington dec 4th in 1907 and died in Glasgow 1960/61.

    I would like to trace the family back to Ireland, coincidentally I’m coming over to The Hedges Hotel just outside Ballymoney on the 23rd of this month for a few days, so I plan to visit the graveyard and purchase your book.


    John Kinlay

    Sent from my iPad


  119. Hi i stumbled onto your web page searching for a link to my ancesters William tweed and his son james and sister isabella.I had saw mention of them in ballymoney c 1780 in Griffith’s Valuation for Ireland. And was trying to find anything else that I can by searching the area. If you have any information i would love to hear it because they are as far back as i can go . William Tweed (c1744-1844) arrived in America from Ireland around 1795. He came to America with his daughter Isabella, and son James; the family eventually settling in Western North Carolina
    Thank you and i hope you have a lovely day

  120. What more information do have on him and his family? I have a couple of William Tweeds in my database which may be relevant. Dorothy

  121. Hi, My Great and Great Great Grandparents are in Ballymoney Grave Sites I believe. Alexander Mitchell , Aug 1868-May 1893, who married Agnes Chistie , 1867-1935. Also Thomas O’Brien / O’Bryan, 1852-1928, who married Sarah Ann Daly, 1855-1966. Most of the Mitchells and O’Brien and Christie and Daly FAMILY OR THEIR IN BALLYMONY, Dervock Resting Sites. Thank-You from Canada, Debbie O’Bryan Burow.

  122. Please get in touch with me if you want further information. I have information on the parents of Alexander Mitchell and Agnes Christie – also the O’Brien children. Dorothy

  123. Hello, I just found out my great x 5 grandfather is from Balleymoney Ireland. His name was Robert Love. I was wondering if you ever happen to come across any Love family information.
    Apparently, Robert Love and his wife had moved over here to the USA. I recently got my results back from AncestryDNA showing my results of 35% Western Europe, 25% Ireland, 25% Eastern European, 9% UK…

  124. Tracey, Robert Love is my husbands 7th g grandfather, I would love to share information.
    Judy love

  125. hi there, I’m a descedent of the Hargys of Ballymoney (the signwriters/painters) we don’t know a great deal about them – are they mentioned in your book? and can it be bought as an ebook?

  126. Tracey -I researched the Love families in great detail in the Ballymoney area as there are Love graves in 2 of my books – Old Ballymoney and Old Kilraughts Graveyards.

    If people buy my books – I send my research in detail to them.
    If not – I charge for sending the research. Dorothy

  127. To Tracey and Judy – I have 20 different Robert Love’s in my database. – 16 from N. Antrim. Dorothy

  128. Hi Maddy,
    I have quite a bit on the Hargey families the Ballymoney area.
    What do you want to know and do you want to buy a book?Sorry – I haven’t done the books as ebooks yet.

    Where does your family fit in?
    Best wishes, Dorothy

  129. How do I get this book to see if my McCullough family is in it?

  130. Hi, awesome site you have! Anything on a John Mullins that Left Antrim with Pastor William Martin’s group in 1772. Its my 5th Great Grandfather. If you have a book on it please let me know, Thanks so much!

  131. Sorry – I have nothing on your Mullins family.

  132. Have you any info on Blairs of the Killins- I am from the family of John Blair,d 1912 = Ann Cunningham. Next door was another Blair family -James Blair in the 1960s who had a son William (Bill) who went to Drumlee.
    Allan Blair

  133. Yes – I have information on this Blair family. Email me at if you want some information and research.

  134. Hi Dorothy. Kathleen “McLean” again. Do you have info on the Sam & Kathleen (“Katie”) Blair family? Thanks.

  135. Have you any information on WILLIAM BIGGART husband of MARGARET BIGGART ( ROSS)

  136. What dates are you talking about? Even roughly would help. Dorothy

  137. i too am researching the Richmond family of Ballymoney. Joseph Richmond was my greatgrandfather, wife Elizabeth Young Waddell

  138. I haven’t found a Joseph Richmond living near Ballymoney. ho were his parents and what was his date of birth? Dorothy

  139. Dorothy:

    My wife’s family were Calderwood’s who were Grocers in Ballymoney.

    Other names:
    Wales (Rasharkin Dirrection)
    McMullen (Rasharkin Direction)

    Which books should I order?

    My family were:

    Montgomery Garvaghy Portglenone area

    Many Presbyterian in Portglenone area

    Which books for that area?

  140. Hi Dorothy,
    I ordered your book, Kilraughts Old Church Graveyard, and I believe I found some Johnston relatives, Mary and her brother James Johnston, Grave 89 on page 83. You state that James Johnston died in 1846 and that his death was reported in the newspaper. Do you have any more information on him or his sister? I was very happy to find this information in your book and I hope they are related to the Johnstons (Archibald Harvey Johnston b. 1765 and his wife, Martha Orr) who came to America by 1821. It has been reported by descendants that two children, James and Mary were left behind in Ballymoney.

    There may have also been a cousin, Robert Johnston (who probably changed his name to Johnson) who was married to a Mary McClure. She died 28 November 1897 but I can’t find her nor her daughter, Tillie or Lillie (married to Clarke Murphy) in this particular book. I located these Johnson descendants through DNA results that matched my Johnston line.

    Thank you,
    Kathy Johnston

  141. I have replied to you through your personal email.

  142. Looking for information on John Boyd. Military records indicate he was born in Ballymoney in 1811. Any information would be appreciated

  143. There are so many Boyd families in the Ballymoney area so it would be difficult to narrow down without further information. There are very few baptismal records available for that period as civil registration did not start until 1864.

  144. Thanks. I will try to pull together some of the info I have.


  146. My Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandfather was Constantine Dougherty, Townhead St. Ballymoney. He settled in Horsham Victoria Australia. He began the pony-express, the Wimmera Star newspaper and the Fire Brigade where a large photo of him resides. He was on the hospital board and many other committees etc. He is always the one mentioned when they talk of the pioneers of Horsham. He had six children, one Cahir, which has gone down in the family. He also has a street named after him there.
    I am hoping to visit Ballymoney in 2020.
    Loretta Edmonston nee Dougherty.

  147. Dorothy, just found your website. We are visiting Ireland and traveling right through Ballymoney. I have been able to trace an ancestor, John O’Neill who married a Margaret Shields and had a son born in Ballymoney, Ireland in 1829. I have been unable to unearth a copy of your book on the Ballymoney Old Church graveyard. Can you tell me if it’s still possible to purchase, or if you would have any info on these people—would it be worth our while to visit the graveyard? Can you tell me if there is a gravestone for them?

    Many thanks

  148. Iam an Australian with my ancestors coming from Ballymoney. I hope to visit some of the graves to see if I can see any of my ancestors. Their names were Boyland.
    Cheers Maria

  149. Looking for a marriage between a John Irwin who married a woman named Mary Jane or Margaret or Lavinia Forsythe in 1845 in Ballymoney.

  150. Sorry. I checked alley records and couldn’t find anything. Dorothy

  151. Maria – re Boyland. Get in touch with me directly as I have information on Boyland families in the N. Antrim area.

  152. thank you for checking

  153. Would you have any information on a John O’Neill who married a Margaret Shields and had a son born in Ballymoney, Ireland in 1829. We will be travelling through Ballymoney on our way to Bushmills on August 9th and will be in the area until August 11.

    Many thanks.

  154. Sorry. I haven’t found anything. What was therir son’s name? What religion were they? Any idea of where exactly they lived? Dorothy

  155. Nope. That’s about all I know at this point. Thanks, though. I appreciate your info.

  156. Hi Dorothy, My ancestors Charles Campbell (b.1783) and Margaret Lamont (b. 1790) along with their seven children immigrated to Canada from Balleymoney in 1830. Would you have any information on the Campbell and Lamont families in Balleymoney? Thank you KC Campbell

  157. I do have some information on Charles Campbell and his family. Email me and I will try and help.

  158. Thank you Dorothy. I look forward to hearing from you.

  159. Hi my family are from Ballymoney, my sister, aunts & uncles still live there. The Tweed family, my mum who past away in 2002 is buried with her mother Annie Reid & father Daniel & Annie Tweed. My mum had 6 brothers & 1 sister, also there was a set of twins. They died not long after they were born, my mum was born in 1937 & it was after that but not after 1946. We don’t know where the twins are buried, they are not in my mums grave & there not in my mums grandmothers grave Annie & Daniel Ellison in Mosside. The only thing I can think of is there buried with my mums grandmother & grandfathers grave in Ballymoney. They are called Hester & william Tweed, I once asked my uncle & he said I at Trinity but didn’t if they were buried with anyone. I don’t know how to find out as I have to proved dates, names & addresses. How would I find out or can you help thank you.

  160. Hi my family are from Ballymoney, my sister, aunts & uncles still live there. The Tweed family, my mum who past away in 2002 is buried with her father Daniel who was born 1911 & died 1984 & her mother Annie Tweed who was born in 1910 & died in 1991. My mum is called Annie Reid & she had 6 brothers & 1 sister, also there was a set of twins. They died not long after they were born, my mum was born in 1937 & it wasn’t before that & not after 1946. We don’t know where the twins are buried, they are not in my mums grave & there not in my mums grandmothers grave Annie & Daniel Ellison in Mosside. The only thing I can think of is they’re buried with my mums grandmother & grandfathers grave in Ballymoney. They are called Hester & william Tweed, I once asked my uncle & he said they were buried at Trinity but didn’t say if they were buried with anyone. I don’t know how to find out as I have to provide dates, names & addresses. How would I find out or can you help thank you.

  161. I am on holiday at the moment and will check on my return. Dorothy

  162. Thank you I live in ballymena

  163. Hello Dorothy, I emailed a month or so ago but I can’t see my email here so will try again. My ancestors were Gilmour from Ballymoney, Robert Gilmour born 22.8.1831 Co Antrim. He married Annie McElroy 1858 in Aghadowey but they farmed and raised a family of 13 children and farmed in Ballymoney. I am mainly interested in other Gilmores that maybe related to Robert. His father was Matthew, born c 1800 and died before 1858. My father matches Robert Gilmour through DNA and I am trying to connect to my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather Col. Joseph Albert Gillmore born 1787 Co. Antrim, he died Green Is. Carrickfergus 1863 but there is no burial for him there. I want to find his parents names. I need to find more about Matthew Gilmour to do that so anything is helpful. I am also interested in buying your book if it will be helpful so if you can advise me how I go about it, I will get going on it. I am in Australia. Any help you can give me would be wonderful. Many Thanks, Vicki

  164. Hi Dorothy
    Wondering if you have any McIntrye (McEntyre) in your burial? Looking for Andrew Mcintyre/ Ann McLeish and any family
    many thanks Keira

  165. Can you give any more details? eg where they lived and approx dates?

  166. Hello Dorothy,

    I’m a descendant of a John (b. 1710) and Rachel (b. 1724) BORLAND of Kilraughts, Antrim. Interested to hear if you had any info on these two or who their parents were. Much thanks!

  167. G’Day Dorothy,
    my name is Scott TAYLOR and I am from Merbein in North Western Victoria in Australia.
    I am a decedent of Daniel TAYLOR and Jane MARTIN who were married in the Ballymoney 1st Presbyterian Church on the 22nd of October 1857.
    They had six children:-
    William TAYLOR 1863 was my great grand father and he immigrated to Australia in 1890. He married Emily MATTHEWS in Ballarat in 1894.
    David TAYLOR 1864
    Joseph TAYLOR 1865
    Jacob TAYLOR 1867
    Mary TAYLOR 1869
    James TAYLOR 1871

    When William came to Australia one his brothers Jacob or James came with him but continued on to New Zealand. I am still researching this.

    I am planning to travel to Ballymoney in the next 12 months and would appreciate any help that you can give in tracking down other decedents of Daniel and Jane.

  168. Hello, Dorothy,

    Greetings from McAlonan’s in Ohio, USA! We are so grateful to habe found your website.
    We’re hopeful that your knowledge of the Ballymena graveyards might include Clough, where our McAlonan ancestors did reside.

    My sister Shirley MacAlonan Koth and I (Kay MacAlonan Almy) have been tracing our Ulster McAlonan relatives, some buried in the old Clough cemetery. We’re planning a trip to County Antrim and Scotland the summer of 2020 to explore our Ballymena area and Scottish/British roots (likely mid-end July).

    We know from Y-DNA research that our McAlonan’s (likely originally Macalonies or other derivative) lived in the Lochaber, Scotland area, then emigrated to N. Ireland/Antrim. (Not quite sure when; we think possibly sometime in the mid-to-late 1700’s.)

    Our MacAlonan’s are descended from Thomas McAlonan (b. 1786) and Nancy Blair (b. 1789) – born somewhere in Antrim. They are mentioned as living at 3 Ballycregagh Townland, Dunaghy parish, Co. Antrim in the 1851 census. Tom and Nancy had son James (b. 1819-20), daughter Margaret (who married a James Boyd). Unclear, but possibly there was a daughter Mary (who married a McCleary) and a son John, b. cir. 1831.

    Our lineage is derived from the above mentioned James. James McAlonan married Margaret. They had six children: Peggy Jane (Margaret or Margret) b. 1845; Elizabeth (Eliza or Lizzie) b. 1847; Thomas b. 1850; Matthew b. 1853; James b. 1853; and William Blair b. 1859. Thomas married a Margaret Patton (they are buried in Clough); Eliza married a Robert Templeton and had two children, Margaret Jane and Thomas (all are buried in Clough); Matthew moved to Detroit, MI as did Willaim Blair (they came to the US around 1885). William Blair is my great-grandfather. He married Lizzie Caldwell McFetridge (in Detroit); they had sons William Torrens and Matthew Walter (my grandfather). Matthew Walter, “Mickey,” my grandpa, moved to N. Ohio where our leg of the family has remained rooted for all these years. It is said that he changed the surname McAlonan to MacAlonan because mail was getting sent to the wrong relatives. We are the only “Macs” among our “Mcs” — my dad never changed it!

    Here’s a link to cemetery records that show some McAlonan’s from County Antrim. We have 7 relatives buried in Clough: cemetery.

    We’ve seen info from Antrim’s 1741 Protestant Roll, 1803 Agricultural Census and the 1851, 1901/1911 censuses. There are several McAlonan’s (and derivatives) listed that live in close proximity, but we have not been able to make any connections, other than following our Thomas and Nancy McAlonan lineage in Clough. We know that many valuable birth, marriage and death records were destroyed. We’re hoping that you will have access to some of the invaluable church records that might help us fill in some of the blanks.

    Would any of your books help us? Thank you for all you do, and for listening. Warmest regards!

    Kay (and Shirley)

  169. Hi I was wondering if you could help me find the grave of my grandfathers sister. She’s called Mary Tweed & was born on 27/7/1900 & died on 24/11/1900 in roddenfoot ballymoney. Her mother was Hester Tweed & father William Tweed but I’ve no record of there death date. Around 80% of my family are buried in ballymoney knock road cemetery. Also I was looking for a Annie Clyde Tweed, Trinity church said this was the only baptism of her that died & was born on 29/3/1936. My mum was born the following year & was called the same name, they didn’t know where she was buried & she wasnt buried in rose yards grave yard on the Kirk road. This would be of great help to the rest of the Tweed family. Thank you

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